Luso Heritage, Cultural and Educational Organizations and Library

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  • Portuguese Education Foundation of Central California (P.E.F.C.C.), 321 A Thor St., Dublin , CA 95380
  • Portuguese Historical Society Sacramento, CA
  • Portuguese Historical Center, 2831 Avenida De Portugal, San Diego, CA 92106, (619) 223-8893
  • Cabrillo National Monument Library, 1800 Cabrillo Memorial Dr., San Diego, CA 92106,                     (619) 557-5450
  • San Jose State University – Portuguese Club
  • San Jose High School – Portuguese Club
  • Hawaii Council Of Portuguese Heritage, 810 N Vineyard Blvd., # 7, Honolulu, HI 96817, (808) 845-1616
  • Portuguese Genealogical Society of Hawaii, 810 N Vineyard Blvd., # 11, Honolulu, HI 96817,          (808) 841-5044


Other interesting Luso information: The Portuguese language is one of the most  spoken Romance languages in the world.  There are approximately 180 million Portuguese speaking people through-out the world. Approximately 150 million people live in Brazil, about 10 million in Portugal;  close to 2.5 million is Galician that speak Galician-Portuguese as their native language. Portuguese  is spoken in the five continents, about 4.6 million Portuguese speakers in Africa.

There are approximately 1,500,000 Portuguese speakers in the United States.  There are also other Portuguese speakers regions of Indochina and Oceania.

Additionally, there are ~4.6 million Portuguese speakers in Africa.




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